Dro Ho Hones

Drones are now used everywhere and for all kinds of purposes.
But who suspects that this technology is reinterpreting an old tradition in a very special place on earth?
Immerse yourself in the contemplative snowy landscape of a sleepy village at Christmas in the far north …

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Our own short film! As a Christmas greeting for our partners and customers, we wanted to create something very special and so we spent every spare minute on a short Christmas film. Since we – as always – approached the film with great attention to detail and our high standards, the result is more than worth seeing and has sweetened everyone’s wait for Christmas.

Our 3D department took the opportunity to enrich internal pipelines and libraries with this Christmas project. Not only a city generator was programmed for Dro Ho Hones, but also a practical snow generator. So we are already prepared for the next wintry project!

The Christmas market in the tranquil village was the focal point of the village and the film. While the market itself was modeled in detail by hand by our team, the rest of the village was procedurally generated using Bifrost.
The script, which was programmed specifically for this purpose, was able to take the streets specified by the team as a starting point and produce a realistic-looking street network. In the script, our team also integrated interfaces for setting the randomization of models, their placement and the level of detail. It is not limited to the generation of villages, but can also procedurally create forests or complete elements such as Christmas lights. Their distribution is controlled by vertex maps, proxy meshes and curves to achieve the desired composition.